'The way I remember Drive-Ins'


Its been many a year, since I went to a drive-In Movie…

But this is the way I remember them !

Many a year ago, back around 1955, my folks and I went, to the Drive-In movie theatre !

Down the road, excited in anticipation, down to the highway, and byway, to see upon the Big Screen a war movie, or a western, and cartoons galore, or maybe Space Pirates ! Up there on the Big Screen. Fifty feet tall !

Sitting, almost bouncing, there in the back seat of the car. Well, I did bounce a few times, and was told to stop that. I had bounced so much, my Dad thought we had a flat tire…

One time, I brought my cap pistols, to help the Good Guys battle the Bad Guys. I wore my cowboy hat and cap pistol belt over my pajamas. And how I accidentlly left the caps in there. Gee, did my Dad jump when I fired my toy pistol at the Bad Guys… and hit his head on the inside of the car roof. We left early… oh well. But I had fun, up to that point in time.

The concession stand popcorn and the large soda pop drink, it was cheaper than going to the movie show in town.

My folks particularly liked dollar a car night ! But you had to go early, otherwise the long lines might mean there was no room left by the time we got up to the ticket booth.

I never saw a pony ride there, but they had swings and slides. Sometimes I could go and swing, and have fun. Other times I had to sit in the car, ‘cause dad had a headache and didn’t want to chase me back to the car because I wanted to see the movie, while swinging on that swing. And my folks wanting me back in the car. I enjoyed those swings.

Its kinda hard to tell you, just what the experience was like. To see our Heroes, and the Bad Guys, up there, on the Big Screen.

If you ever saw a movie at one of the movie palaces, that would be close.

But I don’t remember it rivaling the size of the people and monsters at the Drive-In Movie Theatre Picture Show !

The sounds were tinny, of that you could be sure, but those ray guns and space ships paid no attention to that !
Space ships and monsters, looked much larger there !

At the Drive-In Movie Picture Show.

Back in the days, of the double-feature ! On some nights, there were three movies ! All for one price. Two cartoons, before and after the Main Attraction. Out there, in the dark of the Drive-In Movie Theatre Big Screen !

Popcorn, candy, and hot dogs with mustard, from the concession stand.

Oh, I remember the thrill of seeing those 1950s B-Movies at the Drive-In Movie Theatre Big Screen !