poem: desert highway [ Halloween ]


[ Copyright by me, 2021. ]

It was a week or two before Halloween,
and I decided I better go on out,
to the Desert Highway,
it leads to a B-Movie Drive-In Theatre,
out there,
where the stars are bright enough,
you don’t need lights,
to find the popcorn machine.

You could read the small print,
on a car title loan…

It was that bright.

Now I don’t know,
if you’ve been driving down that highway,
out there in the desert,
and noting something large,
moving along side of your transport,
it coulda been a giant Tarantula,
or it coulda been Them giant ants,
or maybe it was Mothra,
who got sold an out of date,
gas station map to Tokyo,
and Mothra was kinda upset,
having a date with Godzilla,
it was a dinner date,
with Tokyo on the menu !

But it was gonna find that gas station,
out there,
on the Desert Highway first…

I hope the gas station isn’t made of wool.

Wooly Mammoths !

Nope, this aint 1 Million B.C. !

Maybe it was them Killer Shrews,
and the Giant Gila Monster,
looking for some teenagers to fricassee.

Was that the haunted House on Haunted Hill,
we just passed by ?

Maybe it was The House of Usher instead,
or maybe it was the Blob eating up a small town !

Now, ya gotta watch out,
for the Wasp Woman,
she has a sting and the way her kids are born,
you just wont believe.

Of course, they could pick on the wrong teenagers,
like the Teenagers from Outer Space.

Or maybe it was Dr. Frankenstein,
taking his new ‘kid’ out,
for a midnight kite flying contest,
run by the Addams’ Family !

I’m not sure.

But it coulda been one of those folks.

Walking along side of my transport,
beside the Desert Highway.

On the way,
to the B-Movie Drive-In Theatre !

I’m sorry,
but ya just gotta keep up,
I know I know,
your car can’t keep pace,
with my galfriend,
She is 50 feet tall,
and she is wearing Seven League Boots.

Some guy name of Sinbad gave them to her.

Darling, I know I forgot my wallet,
yet again,
but maybe this theatre has change,
for that navel diamond you wear,
even if it is as big as a Roc’s egg…

Look !

I see all of our B-Movie Buddies are there !

The night will lead off with a Popeye cartoon,
and maybe some Betty Boop as well,
then the main creature feature will start,
in the bright moon light,
as we get nearer,
to Halloween Night !

A pov-ray png I made years ago.