Route 66 Drive-In Movie Theaters


The highway went/goes from Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, to California.


I don't have any topographic maps, nor aerial photos, of these locations. The exception being Baxter Springs in Kansas. If I can find topos and aerial photos, I'll add them.

West Chicago had 1, Cascade Outdoor Theatre.

Cascade Outdoor Theatre is working to re-open.

Countryside had 66 Drive-In. Closed.

Versailles/Romeoville has Bel Aire Drive-In

Bloomington had Phil-Kron Drive-In. It is closed.

Springfiled had 1, 66 Drive-In. Closed.

Carlinville had 1, Diana Drive-In. Closed.

Litchfield had 1, Skyview Drive-In. Closed.

Mitchell had 1, Bel Air Drive-In. Closed.

Collinsville had 1, Falcon Drive-In. Closed.


St. Louis had 1, Broadway Drive-In. Closed.

Crestwood had 1, "66" Park-In. Closed.

Sullivan had 1, Grand Drive-In. Closed.

Cuba had 1, 19 Drive-In. Closed.

Rolla Had 1, Rolla Drive-In. Closed.

Springfield had Holiday Drive-In, Sunset Drive-In, Queen Drive-In/Hi-M Drive-In

Carthage has 1 open, 66 Drive-In

66 Drive-In

Webb City had 1, Webb City Drive-In. Closed.


Baxter Springs had 1, Twilite Drive-In


Miami had 1, Sooner Drive-In. Closed.

Tulsa had 1 open: Admiral Twin Drive-In. Closed

Sapulpa has 1, Tee Pee Drive-In. Closed.

Oklahoma City had 1, Cinema 66

Bethany had 1, Lakeside Drive-In. Closed.

El Reno had 1, Squaw Drive-In. Closed.

Weatherford had 1, Showest/Sho-West Drive-in Theatre. Closed.

Clinton had 1, Clinton Drive-In. Closed.

Elk City had 1, 66 Drive-In. Closed.


Shamrock had 1, Pioneer Drive-In. Closed.

McLean had 1, Derby Drive-In. Closed.

Amarillo had 3: Tascosa Drive-In, Trail Drive-In, and Twin Drive-In. Closed.

New Mexico

Albuquerque had 11: 66 Drive-In, Terrace Drive-In, Albuquerque 6 Drive-In, Cactus Drive-In, Duke City Drive-In, Silver Dollar Drive-In, Star Drive-In, Sunset Drive-In, Tesuque Drive-In, Try C Drive-In, Wyoming Drive-In. I was unable to find the others. Closed.

Gallup had 2: Zuni Drive-In and Yucca Drive-In. Closed.

Grants had 1, Trail Drive-In. Closed.


Winslow had 1, Tonto Drive-In. Closed.


Barstow has 1, a re-opened Skyline Drive-In. I couldn't find a web site for them, and facebook blocks me from reading about them. But I did find info on

Lenwood had 1, Lenwood Drive-In. Closed.

Victorville had 1, Joshua Drive-In. Closed.

Rialto had 1, Foothill Drive-In. Closed.

Azusa had 1, Edwards Azusa Foothill Drive-In Theatre. Closed.