My Drive-in Movie Theater site, closed theaters


Hello folks,

269 towns/cities now on this site, a few thousand or so to go.

Here I am. Back again. I closed this site down years ago because spammers were flooding my ‘contact me’ page. So, this is my old site, with topographical maps and some photographs, as I just don’t have the time to track new ones.

And there are new ones out there !

Years ago I read two different sites about just how many drive-ins there are/were. One said over five thousand. One said over three thousand. A site I recently read said over four thousand.

Sadly, Joe Bob Brigg’s site is down. Along with The later one had a ton of information, which I had copied with permission.

I have found some sites that track open drive-ins. I’ll create a links page and put links to their sites on that page.

Good Luck out there !